A swallowtail and an egret, The special cherry blossoms



The nectar of the flower that a friend has shown me is especially tasty!

Ageha, a kind of swallowtail butterfly called Chinese windmill, has relatively high self-esteem since he was raised at a primary school where the kids kept giving him compliments such as “you are beautiful” or “good boy,” while Shirasagi, an egret, is gentle, laid back and relaxed.

The two meet each other by chance, and go on a journey to look for yummy flower nectar at the wish of Ageha.

Ageha tries the nectar of rhododendrons and dandelions, and finally, Shirasagi shows him the “special cherry blossoms” that is beautiful like a frilled dress, so he can try its nectar.

『あげはくんとしらさぎさん とくべつなさくら』